Woven Polypropylene Sandbags


Our woven polypropylene sandbags with tie cord are rugged and durable. They are constructed of tightly woven polypropylene fabric that prevents sifting, keeping the sand inside the bag where it belongs. They can hold 40+ lbs. of sand and can withstand rough handling. Their woven polypropylene fabric is UV stabilized, providing a long lifespan.

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Why Our Sandbags Are Different

Our sandbags are stronger and last longer than others. They contain 25% more UV than the industry standard for extended outdoor life.

UV Protection

Our sandbags surpass the “Industry Standard” in more ways than one. Heavier fabrics, double stitching and superior UV Protection top the list.


Only Woven Polypropylene fabrics manufactured with the best Performance Grade, Virgin Resin is used in the production of our bags.  Our fabrics have a tighter weave to prevent leaking sand.  The thicker fabric adds to their durability and lifespan.


Our sandbags surpass the Industry Standard for UV Protection. 25% more UV Inhibitor for longer life. QUV Weather Accelerator tested to assure durable, long lasting bags.


The quality of our bags is proven. We rigorously test bags for peak performance. This includes Drop Testing, Puncture Testing, Seam Strength and Tie Cord Durability.

Customer Service

We take customer care very seriously. From the day you place an order to the day that it is complete, we pay attention to every little detail. We track shipments from departure to arrival at your door. An agent is available 24/7 for emergency sandbag needs.

Availability and Customer Service

  • We offer a variety of colors including white, orange, green and extra heavy duty black and orange. Bags can also be printed with your logo.
  • We can ship bags to your facility or drop ship direct to your job site. Our warehouse is centrally located in Louisville Kentucky, which allows for short transit times to most points in the continental USA.
  • An agent is available 24/7 for emergency sandbag needs.
  • We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

We do stand behind our bags and we are confident you will find them superior in every way

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