Flooding Prevention Products

When it comes to flooding protection products, municipalities, state and federal agencies, farmers, and private landowners turn to durable woven polypropylene sandbags and bulk bags to keep the rising waters at bay. With a higher level of durability than traditional burlap sandbag options, woven poly sandbags are treated for UV exposure, making then virtually permanent with little maintenance. When filled to full capacity with 40+ lbs of sand, these commercial-grade polypropylene sandbags offer the strongest material to construct flood control barriers, trenches, berms, and levees.

woven poly sandbags for flood protection
FIBC and Sandbags for flooding
Polyproylene Sandbags for flooding

Woven Polypropylene Sandbags

Woven polypropylene sandbags are one of the most common flood prevention products used around the world. With their proven durability and effectiveness, public agencies, private business owners, and homeowners alike can have confidence knowing they’ve chosen the right product.

SizeColorMaterialTie CordUV*TopBottomCapacityUOM
14″ x 26″WhiteWoven PolypropyleneHeavy duty tie cord attached1,600 HourZig Zag cut and sealedFolded and double stitched
14.5″ x 26″White
Woven PolypropyleneHeavy duty tie cord attached2,000 HourFolded and hemmed for easy openingFolded and double stitched40#1,000/bale

*Maximum bag life will be realized when empty (unused) bags are stored out of direct sunlight and in dry conditions

Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags

For large spaces of land, with the potential to face high powered forces, a larger solution might be what’s needed to keep communities and private property safe. Often used to create larger barriers next to lakes, oceans and rivers, a woven polypropylene bulk container filled with sand can help provide the added weight needed to withstand these strong forces in flooding conditions. These bags are also leveraged to block storm drains that are prone to back up when flooding occurs in populated areas and rural neighborhoods.

36″ x 36″ x 40″WhiteWoven PolypropyleneDuffle TopFlat Bottom4 Rigid Lift Loops2,205#5:1

*Other sizes available, please call or email us for more information

Additional Information

  • Millions of bags in stock for flooding emergency preparedness or last-minute shortages letting you properly prepare for severe weather events such as a hurricane, heavy rain/deluge, flash flooding, or river flooding.
  • Small to large quantities are available for individuals and businesses alike.
  • Bulk, 2,000# capacity sandbags available with stevedore strap for single point lifting. Easily carry filled sandbag in this woven polypropylene bulk bag.
  • We can ship in large quantities to official agencies such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, City, State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies.
  • Call 24 hours a day during flood emergencies at 502-584-2219


  • Customer service and fast action gets your bags to you quickly.
  • Centrally located in Louisville, Kentucky which allows for short lead times to most points in the continental USA.
  • We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service.
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