A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is a specialized bag that facilitates the efficient, safe and cost effective movement of dry bulk products. Strong, flexible fabric panels manufactured of woven polypropylene, are sewn, sealed and assembled into these bulk containers. FIBC’s make it possible to package and ship up to 4000# of product in a bag that is small enough to hold in one hand. Specialized filling and discharging openings provide convenient methods for filling and emptying of their contents. They can easily be handled, transported and stored with or without pallets due to integrated lifting loops.

Bag Design, Warehousing and Stocking Programs

Built custom for your needs
Building your bag to fit your specific requirements takes a team that knows FIBC’s.  We have the experience and the know how to produce the right product; quickly, correctly and at an attractive price. Take a look at our design guide.  It’s a great place to start.

Warehouse Stocking Program
Our warehouse / stocking program keeps your bags in stock and available for shipping as needed, without taking up space on your warehouse floor.

Ready to ship today
We stock bags in common sizes and constructions for immediate shipment.  Forget to order?  Stock running low?  Need bags quickly?  We’ll respond fast and ship same day. We’re centrally located in the Midwest, which makes reaching most of the continental US possible quickly.

Quality and Service

We maintain the highest standards at our production facilities, on and off shore, keeping quality at a premium level.  Our entire supply chain, from design and manufacturing, to delivery and customer satisfaction is efficient and streamlined.  We’re committed to these values and carry them into the future.

When you’re ready, call us.  We’re here for you.

FIBC Bulk Bag

Inside the Design Guide

Bag Styles
Filling and Discharge Options
Lift Loop Styles
Poly Liners
Printed Bags and more

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