Cleans surfaces with less chemical solutions and sprays​

Premium Quality Microfiber cleaning tools can be used for dusting, scrubbing, cleaning and disinfecting. Fibers that are finer than a human hair allow them to clean deeper and more thoroughly.


We offer a variety of task specific items that include the following:​

  • Cloths​
  • Mits​
  • Dusting Wands​
  • Dry Mops​
  • Mop Pads
  • Scrubbing Mop Pads​
  • Tube Mops​
  • Frames and Poles​


  • Durable and reusable​
  • Microfiber attracts and traps dirt​
  • Non-abrasive​
  • Works wet or dry​
  • Won’t leave lint​
  • Absorbs more than 7 times their weight in liquid​
  • Quick drying​
  • Towels are color coded to reduce risk of cross contamination​
  • Uses less cleaning solutions and sprays​
  • Scratch free surfaces

Customer Care​

We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Our entire supply chain, from design and manufacturing, to delivery and customer satisfaction is efficient and streamlined. We’re committed to these values and carry them into the future.

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