BOPP printing offers eye catching graphics and vivid colors​

Bright color and high-resolution graphics are offered with BOPP bags. ​Two layers of material, woven polypropylene and a water-resistant film make this bag tough and durable. Ideal for many different applications from animal feed bags to cement.​

Supreme print quality provides a unique advertising and marketing opportunity. ​

Features ​

  • BOPP = Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Bags​
  • Superb graphics and vivid colors​
  • Stronger than paper. Less weight equals reduced freight cost​
  • Won’t break like paper bags​
  • UV light resistant ​
  • Glossy bags stay clean on shelf​


  • Easy open tops​
  • Can be micro-perforated for breathability​
  • Extra UV protection​
  • Easy carry handles​

Bag Closing​

Featuring the Fischbein F-Series Sewing Machine / Bag Closer for your bag closing needs. These portable sewing machines are designed to easily handle your heaviest workload, in the factory or in the field. Thread cones are available by the case; contains 32, 8oz. cones per case​


Optional warehousing/stocking program keeps your items in stock and available for shipping as needed, without taking up space on your warehouse floor. We monitor inventory levels, order patterns and lead times to further ensure that stock is available when you need it. Inventory reports are sent to keep you informed of current stock.​

Customer Care​

We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Our entire supply chain, from design and manufacturing, to delivery and customer satisfaction is efficient and streamlined. We’re committed to these values and carry them into the future.​

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