Textile Wiping Rags

We offer a wide selection of textile wiping rags, and our variety makes it easy to find the right cloth for your wiping application. From heavy duty industrial cleaning rags to soft fabrics that are gentle on hands and surfaces, we have the right wiper for the job.

Reclaimed Textile Wipers

A reclaimed wiper is an environmentally conscious, or “green” choice. They are manufactured from items that are destined for landfills, such as used clothing and linens.

One of their primary benefits is reducing the need for production of new products, which in turn reduces energy and water consumption. Up to 95% of post consumer textiles can be converted, recycled or reused.

Lower cost is a big advantage to you, the consumer. Reclaimed textile wipers are cost-effective and functional.

Mill End Textile Wipers

Mill End Wipers are manufactured from new, pre consumer textiles that are left over from the apparel manufacturing process.

Features include durability, low lint, softness, absorbency and long life. Many different options are available to suit any job where a wiping cloth is required.

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