Capsacks and Stands

Capsacks are an economic and superior alternative to gaylord boxes. They allow for dense packing of clothing or stuffed toys without baler compression damage. Capsack stands are a convenient, easy way to hold the capsacks open during filling. Capsack stands are custom built to accommodate our capsack sizes.

Bag Closing

Capsacks are easy to close by hand using one of these methods; oversized needle and twine, cable/zip tie or integrated drawstring/drawcord. Handheld bag closing sewing machines are available for more automated facilities.


Our capsacks are available in an assortment of sizes and configurations. The most popular being 29.5” x 28” x 56” and 33” x 33” x 72”. We have the ability to offer custom features and sizes.


Filled bags easily stack in a tractor trailer; resulting in considerably more weight per load when compared to gaylord boxes. Empty bags are folded flat and baled for a small storage footprint.


Optional warehousing/stocking program keeps your items in stock and available for shipping as needed, without taking up space on your warehouse floor. We monitor inventory levels, order patterns and lead times to further ensure that stock is available when you need it. Inventory reports are sent to keep you informed of current stock.

Availability and Customer Service

We can ship bags direct to your facility. Our warehouse is centrally located in Louisville Kentucky, which allows for short transit times to most points in the continental USA. We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

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