Silt Trap Bags

​Specializing in Type C Silt Trap Bags for Inlet Protection

Silt Trap Bags are designed to be placed at the inlets of drainage structures to minimize siltation of those structures. They provide an easy to use flexible solution to reduce siltation during construction projects at drainage inlets such as drop box inlets, small pipe inlets or curb gutters. ​

Our bags are made from a porous Geomembrane fabric, which is UV stabilized for extended outdoor life. They are usually filled with crushed stone or aggregate (#57 stone as an example) and placed individually or with others to make small dams for ponding water around curb or drop inlets. They can also form dams in drainage-ways and ditches. ​

Ovasco Type C Silt Trap Bags meet the requirements set by the Kentucky Department of Highways and have been approved by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. ​


  • Size – 18” x 30”​
  • Fabric – Non Woven Geotextile​
  • Double stitched for strength with 1lb polyester thread​
  • Tie cord for easy closure​

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