1920 – 1935

Laser Benovitz immigrated from Lithuania to the United States of America in the early 1920’s with a dream of starting a new life. Traveling from New York towards the south, he decided to make his home in Louisville Kentucky. Local farms, produce markets and various manufacturing companies received products in burlap and cotton bags.

Laser discovered there was value in giving these products a second life and Ohio Valley Bag & Burlap was born. He would go by horse and wagon to these facilities in the morning to pick up empty bags. Bringing them home to sort and mend with needle and thread.  Later selling them as a secondhand burlap or cotton bag. This same process was repeated, over and over again.  Even bags that were beyond repair were repurposed. They were cut, washed and found new life as wiping cloths. To this day, flexible packaging and wiping cloths remain cornerstones of our business.

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It wasn’t long before demand outpaced supply for both bags and wiping cloths. As the business grew, Laser Benovitz’s son, William, came to work with his father.  As a young man, William learned the company from the factory floor up.  Over his career, his main contribution was expanding sales throughout the continental US, far beyond the initial local market.

Contracts were made with larger bag producing companies to supplement our sewing capabilities.  An alternative supply of textiles for wiping cloths was found in used clothing.  Another example of repurposing textiles that were destined for landfills.

1980’s – Present

In the early 1980’s, William Benovitz’s son Lee, joined the company. Sales further expanded requiring additional supply of raw and finished products. Lee Benovitz spends a considerable amount of time traveling to different parts of the globe, following trends in the packaging industry.  Woven polypropylene was rapidly replacing burlap as the fabric of choice for heavy duty packaging. Relationships with reputable, like minded companies were built and are still in existence today.

Regular visits to these offshore facilities ensure quality and service, while remaining at the forefront of technology.  Our packaging line of products was expanded in the 1990s to include protective packaging.  Equipment was designed and developed to fold and seal fabrics that were breathable, soft and non abrasive. In 2001 we moved to our current location, an expansive 100,000 sq. ft. building. This facility allows us to manufacture and warehouse raw and finished product. Ample space allows us to offer stocking programs for our customers made to order items.

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