Geotextile Fabric​

Versatile geotextiles for environmental protection and control​

Geotextile fabric is made from strong UV stabilized polypropylene that is resistant to rot, mildew, and tearing. Geotextile fabric allows water to flow through while retaining impurities. ​

Geotextiles and related products have many applications and currently support many civil engineering and construction applications. A full range of fabrics for every construction project. Including: roads, embankments, dams or construction sites.

Capabilities & Services​

Geotextiles fabrics available in rolls or cut to size. Slitting and rewinding services available for cut sizes to suit your needs.​

Geotextiles can be sewn into bags for Filtration and Dewatering.​ Check out our Filter Bag or Silt Trap Bag pages to learn more.

Customer Care​

We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Our entire supply chain, from design and manufacturing, to delivery and customer satisfaction is efficient and streamlined. We’re committed to these values and carry them into the future.​

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