Paper and Non-Woven Wipers

At Ovasco, we cover the wiping spectrum.….. lint free, filtration, absorbents, polishing, staining, disposable and re-usable materials. We convert paper into many different wipers for a variety of applications that include cleaning, polishing and maintenance needs. ​

Non-woven technology has provided a wide variety of materials with unique attributes such as ultra-fast absorption, breathability, and softness. These fabrics lend themselves to tasks such as dusting, lint-free, and keeping delicate surfaces scratch-free. ​

We offer the quality and performance of a “name brand” wiper at a lower cost.​


We provide a range of substrates and can help you select the right one for you. ​

Hydroentangled Fiber (HEF) wipers are extremely versatile and perform well when wet or dry. A medium to heavy duty option that is strong and durable enough for industrial use, yet gentle on surfaces and your hands. HEF wipers are binder free, making them extremely tolerant of harsh chemicals. Low lint properties make HEF wipers an ideal choice for applications where a lint free surface is needed. Heavy duty and a great match for almost any task. ​

Double Re-Creped (DRC) wipers are an excellent medium duty option and well suited to many clean up tasks. A great option for absorbing water, oil and grease. Durable enough to use many times, this reusable wiper remains soft like cloth, rinse after rinse. All at an attractive price.​

Airlaid wipers are a light to medium duty option. High bulking properties make this wiper ultra soft and absorbent. Clean up oil and grease, paints, solvents and many chemical solutions with ease. Performs well when wet or dry. Airlaid wipers are an economical choice that easily tackle most cleaning jobs.​

Scrim Reinforced wipers offer superb strength and performance. Layers of absorbent, cloth like paper and nylon scrim reinforcement leave your glass and smooth surfaces clean and lint free. Oil and grease tolerant, they are a universal wipers that is extraordinarily strong and durable. ​

Many other options are available. Call to learn more about how our experts can help you pinpoint the right product for your application.


  • High absorbency
  • Wet and dry strength
  • Attract and hold dust and dirt
  • Leave surfaces lint free
  • Absorb liquids, oils and cleaning solutions
  • Industrial machine and tool cleaning
  • Delicate surface cleaning without scratching
  • Surface prep, polishing and waxing before painting

Customer Care​

We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Our entire supply chain, from design and manufacturing, to delivery and customer satisfaction is efficient and streamlined. We’re committed to these values and carry them into the future.

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