Disposable Coronavirus Cleaning Cloths, Towels, and Wipes

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  • Compatible with disinfectants approved to fight the novel coronavirus
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With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the United States, sweeping changes are being made throughout every industry. Among these changes are rigorous cleaning regimens being added to the daily lives of many workers in critical manufacturing, transportation, and retail businesses.

If you’re currently searching for cleaning cloths, towels, or wipes that are compatible with EPA, CDC, and WHO recommended disinfectants that can remove the novel coronavirus, you’ve come to the right place. Our available, in-stock selection of cloths and towels come in a variety of specifications, enabling you to get the correct, compatible material regardless of the use case.

The towels, cloths, and wipes listed below can be used dry or wet, but in order to make effective coronavirus cleaning cloth an approved disinfectant needs to be used as well. To learn more about the disinfectants that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, please refer to the list linked below or check the EPA website for the latest information.

View an EPA list of approved disinfectants

Utilizing the proper material and disinfectant is key when trying to create an effective coronavirus cleaning wipe or cloth. Matching that material to the proper specifications that will hold up to the rigors involved with your specific industry adds even more complexity. Our in-house specialists are here to help and have identified disposable wipes, towels, and cloths that would best suit the increased demand for these general cleaning products, that list can be found below. If there is a specific material or specification you’re searching that isn’t listed below, take a look at the full list of wiping products or reach out directly to our team via the form found on our Request a Quote page.

Textile Wiping Cloth Options

While disposable cloths, wipes, and rags have been the preferred material for coronavirus cleanup efforts, textile cloths are still a viable option. By following the proper laundry practices, reusable textile material can be an effective option but carries a slight risk for companies without proper access to laundry facilities. To find the full list of our textile wiping clothes visit the page linked below.

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