Packaging for Hemp

What should I use to package my hemp?

Ovasco Industries offers several different options for Hemp growers to stow and process their hemp for harvest season. Ovasco has been a trusted provider in supplying the hemp industry with both FIBC bags and woven polypropylene bags to fill all of their needs. Bulk bags, also known as FIBC bags, jumbo bags, One Ton Bags, or Big Bags, have many benefits that make them perfectly suited to serving the hemp industry.

Why FIBC’s are perfect for the hemp industry

  • Bulk bags are a cost-effective packaging solution that can offer significant savings over alternative packaging options.
  • FIBC’s offer an efficient packaging option for both storage and usage as they can be recycled and take up minimal space in storage
  • Bulk bags can be offered in a multitude of styles and configurations to best suit the needs of the hemp industry.

Ovasco Industries has been a trusted partner in suppling the hemp industry with Bulk bags and other packaging materials. We offer competitive pricing and a boots on the ground approach to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to not just be a vendor to our customers, but a trusted member of their team that they can rely on to get the job done time and time again.

Why Ovasco is the trusted partner to the hemp industry

  • Just in time delivery on most orders
  • Stocking programs available
  • Competitive pricing
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