How can you use sandbags for flood protection?

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters that we face.  It can cause detrimental effects to homes and buildings, roadways, and agricultural operations.  Having a proper protection plan in place can prevent significant damage to infrastructure and be a potential life saving measure.

What is Sandbagging?

Sandbagging is a flood prevention technique that has been around for centuries, using materials such as burlap and woven polypropylene.  Sandbags are a cost-effective method for flood protection, due to the low cost of woven polypropylene and sand.  Sandbags are readily available and are easy to transport and store.

Building a Sandbag Barrier

Steps to Using Sandbags for Flood Protection

A barrier can be built with sandbags to help divert and stop water from entering vulnerable areas.  Sandbags alone, when properly filled and stacked, can hold back floodwater, and prevent flood damage.

Here are the steps to using sandbags for flood protection:

  1. Fill the sandbags with sand or soil until they are one-third to one-half full and close them with a tie or fold.
  2. Lay them lengthways and parallel to the direction of the water flow, with the closed end facing the structure that is being protected.
  3. Create a pyramid shape or a wall with each row of bags flattened and tamped to eliminate gaps and create a tight seal.
  4. Do not make a full circle around the area you wish to protect from flood waters, as this can trap water inside.
  5. Cover any floor drains, vents, and exterior doors of structures with sandbags to prevent water and sewage from backing up.
  6. Use plastic sheeting under or over the sandbags to enhance the watertightness.
Big wall of sandbags for flood defense

Our Sandbag Products

Quality and Durability

Our sandbags are manufactured using woven polypropylene fabrics that include a tighter weave to prevent leaking sand.  Our sandbags surpass the “industry standard” in more ways than one, utilizing heavier fabrics, double stitching and UV protection for longer lifespan and durability.

Product Varieties

Sandbags are available in a variety of colors, sizes and specifications.  FIBC bulk bags can also be used for flooding protection.

Additional Resources

The below link will direct you to our Sandbag Product Specifications page.   Here you will find available sizes, colors, UV protection and bag characteristics.

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